AVFRA Email System

To all AVFRA Members (active, deferred or retired)

In order for the AVFRA to ensure we communicate with all our membership we have setup a system that allows you to register and maintain your own preferred email address for AVFRA communications.   Your information is kept secure on our avfra.org web site and will not be shared with anyone outside of AVFRA.

The current process we have in place uses the cities (Apple Valley Fire.org) email services and results in many expired or non-active email address for our retired membership, and assumes that our active members want to receive AVFRA communications only via their city fire email address.

We request ALL our members to please register using the procedures outlined below ASAP.  The AVFRA will approve the requests and begin using this form of communication once we have confirmed we have all members registered.

To Register for Emails for AVFRA.

  1. Click the following link or copy and paste to your web browsers URL input field.

2. Click on the Register link

3. Enter your preferred user name and email on the registration screen and solve the simple math question.
You can use any user name you want but it must not already exist on the system.  It will tell you if it does.   Use any email address you like, active AVFD can use their applevalleyfire.org address.
4. After the registration request is accepted the request will be approved and you will receive an email with your temporary password.
You have been approved to access AVFRA – Apple Valley Firefighters Relief Association

Username: Robert Kleven
Password: 6sMtvpbN7wk1

5.  Login to the site with you temporary password.
6.  After the initial login your profile will be displayed.  You can change the profile as needed.  Please enter a new password using the form.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Update Profile.
That’s about it, after registration you can login using the login link on the main page at anytime to change your email address, password or other profile information.
Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.